• The1st school to open Advanced Finance courses in China since1950

  • Wrote the1st textbook of Finance and Public Finance in China

  • Finance and Public Finance, ranking as Top 1 discipline in 2004, 2008 and 2012,evaluated by China’s Ministry of Education

  • Double First-classuniversity curriculum construction list

SFRUC offers 6 majors for undergraduates (Finance, Public Finance, Taxation, Insurance, Financial Engineering, and Credit Management), 6 majors for Master’s degrees,5majors for PhD’s degrees, and has one post-doctoral research center.

SFRUC has long established a series of signature forums and lectures on finance and economics, including International Monetary Forum, Huang Da-Mundell Open Lecture(named after Prof. Huang Da, key founder of China’s advanced Finance studies and Prof. Mundell, Nobel Economics Prize Winner), China Capital Market Annual Forum, China FinTech Annual Forum and many others. In the meantime, the school has nearly 20 research centers and think tanks, including the world well-known Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, renowned for its leading studies on Belt&Road Initiative. All of these provide students abundant opportunities to exchange thoughts with distinguished scholars and industry experts.